Playing for Keeps

It's time to go get your family back.

How Tabletop Games Saved My Life

It's 1997.

My daughter, Jara Ruth, died in a car accident. Shortly thereafter I was on the brink of bankruptcy, I was divorced, and I was a wreck.  I sat with my head in my hands, struggling to hold on, to be able to move on. I was ready for the ride to stop.

But the game must go on. I have always been the storyteller, the game master for my group, and gameplay drew me back from the brink.  I realized the secret to happiness, to real belonging stems from friendship that blows right past the boundaries of function, faith and family. From that awareness, I discovered the one way to recover and reacquire the energy and wonder of our youth. 

The truth is, you are losing your family a little every day. Chipping away are the very things that promise social connections, but offer only a shadow of what that really means. Internet. Cellphones. Tablets. Cultural collapse and the loss of our family unit is imminent, unless we do something to pull it back from the brink. I lost my family. I don't want that to be your fate as well.

My organization, the Game Enthusiast Network is the solution. I know game play changes lives. I am living proof. I 'get' people playing games. And people playing games leads to greater communication, collaboration, and ultimately, community. And isn't that really what being a family is all about?

So check out the various sections of the site, find out how game play can bring you back what you've been missing. and don't hesitate to contact me to help customize your play list to better integrate with your family and friends. Together we will change your world. 

Below is the most recent of my videos. This Series, called the Transformation Protocols, are a visual tracking of the changes in my life, and are an ongoing testament to the power of Momentous Living.

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